Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

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What is Strategic Planning?

Simply put, strategic planning involves devising a strategy that defines where you want to go with your business and how you’re going to get there over a defined time period. This process can be organization-wide, or focused on a major function such as a division, department or other major function.

Why should you invest in Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning provides a variety of benefits to an organization:

  • Clearly defines the intent and purpose of the organization (its vision and mission)
  • Establishes realistic goals and objectives consistent with its vision and mission
  • Defines the approaches (strategies) the organization with take to reach their goals and objectives.
  • Creates specific action plans for each of the strategies.
  • Analyzes the organization’s capacity to effectively implement these strategies.
  • Communicates those goals, objectives and strategies to the organization’s associates.
  • Develops a sense of associate ownership by aligning the action plans with their daily responsibilities and activities.
  • Ensures the most effective use is made of the organization’s resources by focusing the resources on the key priorities.
  • Provides a base from which progress can be measured and establish a mechanism for informed change when needed.
  • Aligns everyone’s best and most reasoned efforts to building consensus on where the organization is going.
  • Creates a comprehensive staff review and reaction process that ensures successful execution of all action plans

Our team can lead you through this process from the initial purpose definition through full implementation throughout your organization.


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