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Below is an overview of the services and solutions Business Improvement Services provides.

Strategic Planning

  • Has your current business model gone stale? Would you like to recharge your management team and focus your company on positive opportunities during these unsettled economic times? We can assist you in effectively planning for success by coaching your team through our unique strategic planning and execution structure.

Business Process Improvement

  • Our organization can guide you towards "doing things right" in addition to "doing the right thing" through reducing variation and/or wastage in processes, so that the desired outcome can be achieved with better utilization of resources.

Quality System Development

Quality System Auditing

    • Performing Quality Management System Audits, Process Audits, Product Audits and Supplier Audits.
    • Simulated FDA audits according to QSIT
    • Simulated Registrar audit in preparation for certification audits
    • Audits to verify effectivity of CAPA’s

Entrepreneur Assistance

  • One of the most difficult hurdles for a new entrepreneur is to get their idea and product from the prototype stage into commercial production. 
  • Whether you  decide to establish their own manufacturing facility or partner with a contract manufacturer we can guide you through the process or run the entire program for you. 
  • We have the experience and knowledge to help the new entrepreneur identify and choose qualified suppliers, identify manufacturing needs, set up production facilities and customer services departments or set up partnerships with qualified contract manufacturers. 
  • We have over 90 years of combined industrial experience in bringing new products to market in the medical device, aerospace, consumer product and general industries.

Business System Development

  • We can assist you in developing efficient transactional and product/process related business systems in line with Lean Six Sigma initiatives.

Product and Process Improvement through Statistical Analysis

  • We can assist you in performing statistical analysis on your experimental, process, or product data so that you can make the decisions to improve your business

New Product Development Project Management

  • We can assist you either directly in the management of your product development project or by establishing an efficient stage gate system by which you can run your new product development project

Production Process Improvement

  • We can assist you in evaluating your current processes and identifying opportunities for process capability improvements, scrap and rework reduction and the establishment of 5S and Lean Six Sigma initiatives.

Product Introduction and Ramp Up

  • We can assist you in product introduction and ramp up of your new product development projects.
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