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Executive and Senior Management

  • Strategic Planning and Execution - The Key to Organizational Progress
    • This course teaches how to effectively plan for success using methods and processes that clearly defines and articulates the corporate vision, mission and organizational goals, aligns all functions and associates within the company with the strategic plan and successfully executes all necessary action plans to achieve its goals.
    • Special attention is focused on the execution of aligned actions within all segments of the business and use of critical indicators of progress to the plan

Management and Engineering

  • Quality System Development from the Top Down
    • Teaches employees and companies how to properly develop their Quality Management Systems to ensure that the system developed is all inclusive as well as being simple to maintain and comply with.
  • Quality Systems in the Medical Device Industry
    • This training is intended to inform company management all other levels within the organization the additional requirements above and beyond ISO 9000 which are required by business operating in the medical device field.  In addition to the voluntary requirements established by ISO 13485 there are regulatory requirements dictated by the FDA, Health Canada and the European Union that must be complied with to allow for the development, manufacturing, sale and marketing of medical devices.

All Associates

  • Marketing Yourself To Future Employers
    • Marketing your skills and experience to potential future employers in the event you find yourself on the job market. 
    • Assisting employers in preparing their employees in the event of plant closures or downsizings.
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